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Director's Welcome

Welcome to HOPE's website. This is just what we offer to many families throughout the Midlands of South Carolina...HOPE for their students who have not experienced success in regular schools. Our students are awesome individuals who struggle in large classrooms, whether it be reading problems, math skills, writing issues, or organization and time management.  We help our students break down their courses into manageable segments, and help them develop the necessary skills needed for them to learn the subject matter at their own pace.   

Hope offers all the core courses  that are required by the South Carolina Department of Education;  however, our teachers instruct in unconventional ways.  We find the students strengths and interests, and we use that knowledge to structure their curriculum.  For example, if your student loves fire trucks and fire stations, his/her  vocabulary and reading lessons often relate to their interest.                            


Each student experiences success everyday at HCA.  We emphasize the positives in every class.  We compliment the schoolwork and behavior, and we point out mistakes and explain the thought processes in every subject. Our teachers use manipulatives and other hands-on methods of instruction.  We go on field trips, educational and fun, to get out of the box of a classroom.  Lots of learning happens  on the outside of 4 walls.

In 2020 Hope moved to the campus of Grace Christian Church and School in West Columbia.  This move is helping us with the mission of educating our student population to the highest level possible.  Hope students are flourishing in the interactions with students from Grace and the enhanced social opportunities this larger peer group affords them.

We welcome visitors.  Our teachers  all have open door policies, and our students enjoy guests in their classroom.   We want to get the word out about this unique school and the HOPE that is in us!!

Mrs. Caroline Dodd
​Director of HCA

Our Philosophy

Hope Christian Academy was founded on the principle that God has a purpose for every person. Our mission is to equip students with diagnosed learning disabilities with academic, social, and spiritual skills.  Students are then encouraged to use their abilities to become contributing members of their communities.

Our History

Jack and Hughes in 2007 at the inception of Hope Christian Academy

Hope Christian Academy was founded in 2007 by two families that were told by the administration of both public schools and private schools that their sons "no longer fit" and "could no longer be helped".  They decided to provide a solution not only for themselves but also other families facing similar circumstances.

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