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What Are We Learning At Hope?

Hope Christian Academy has been Columbia's best kept secret!

HCA is a school for students who have not succeeded in other educational settings, whether it be public schools, private schools, or home schools. Our teachers and tutors take the stress out of school work, yet at the same time challenge the students to work hard, to learn new strategies and techniques, and to do the best they can. Every student at HCA experiences success every day!

Although many subjects are taught at HOPE, we do emphasize Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Sound familiar?


Strategies and techniques to learn to read as well as to improve current reading levels are taught in every grade at HOPE. Using the "direct instruction" method, every student improves significantly in areas of reading.


Communication is the backbone of writing. It's the telling of facts and opinions or composing fiction and non-fiction. It's researching things like Disney characters, arrowheads, vacation spots or job possibilities on line. Yes, writing and communication are necessary for internet use. 


Every fact of life on earth uses Mathematics in one way or another. Math is everywhere!! At HCA, math is practical: from addition and subtraction facts to balancing budgets. Math is even used for computing perimeters and areas and using Algebra equations at the grocery store. 

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