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Hope Christian Academy was founded in 2007 by two families that were told by the administration of both public schools and private schools that their sons "no longer fit" and "could no longer be helped".  They decided to provide a solution not only for themselves but also other families facing similar circumstances.  These parents knew that their sons were capable of learning, but not at the pace many schools require.  They desired a Christian school setting to educate and nurture their boys.  They wanted their academic strengths to progress while their academic weaknesses were addressed. There was no school in the Midlands that met these families’ criteria;  thus, Hope Christian Academy was born.    “We provide hope for parents and students who have exhausted countless avenues of educational settings, and have been told success is  impossible,” says Ethan Ware, President.  These founding families made the commitment to find a way for their sons to find success and finish each school year with appropriate academic progress.

Hope originally rented space from Ben Lippen Christian School and thrived at this location for five years. Enrollment increased, an additional teacher was hired, and the search began for a bigger location.  Hope Christian Academy was located at First Baptist Church of Columbia for eight years. Our years at First Baptist were successful and offered many positive experiences to Hope's students.  In 2020 Hope began a new partnership with Grace Christian Church and School in West Columbia.   This collaboration has provided many new opportunities to Hope students.  Among them are a larger group of peers their age to interact with and extracurricular activities and classes that suit their individual interests and abilities.

Hope was founded on the principle that God has a design and purpose for every child.  It is a unique school for many reasons. Students have the benefit of a small class size (three to six) in each academic area.  Each student has an IEP, or Individualized Education Plan.  This plan,  written from extensive achievement testing, pinpoints each student’s  academic strengths and weaknesses, and directs the skills that will be taught to him/her throughout the year.  Each student receives one-on-one instruction in academic areas where they struggle.  Students also experience real world job settings and serve their community through volunteering.  This combination of individual, small group and larger community interaction has proven highly successful for our students.

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