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Academic Gains

There are many ways to tell students are progressing, or maturing,  at HOPE.

Academic success is "easy" to measure. Pre- and post- test scores indicate statistics that are very understandable. At HCA we administer the Woodcock Johnson IV Achievement Test to each student.

We use the subtests as “starting points” for our instruction.

In addition to noting changes in Percentile  Ranks by the end of each school year,  we also keep account of the changes in grade levels.

For example,  a 5th grade student over  the course of two school years  at HCA improved in Reading Comprehension the 3.8 grade level to the 6.5 grade level.

A 2nd grader improved from Kindergarten level in Math to 2.5 grade level in just one year!


Social success, although very subjective, is easily spotted within academic classes and electives at HCA.

All students are coached in conversational skills....Are they carrying on 2-way conversations?

Are they learning to play games with just the right amount of competition? Do they take part in class discussions and share their knowledge and opinions?


Emotionally, are the students thinking through pros and cons of making certain decisions? Are they settling disagreements by hearing all sides and then compromising?  Do they react constructively when faced with disappointments?

The above goals and objectives have to be witnessed on a daily basis.  Some  may not be measurable on paper in black and white; however, the students of Hope Christian Academy demonstrate success in all the above areas!  Our teachers strive to educate the whole student.  

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