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Graduation Requirements


The following is a list of courses offered to successfully complete the requirements for a high school diploma.   The courses are based on the requirements established by the state of South Carolina along with those established by Hope Christian Academy.  There are two diplomas offered to students who attend Hope Christian Academy:  a pre-collegiate diploma and a general / vocational diploma.


The pre-collegiate diploma is the most academically stringent diploma.  The courses taken will prepare a student for a college/university program.   


The general diploma offers many of the same courses as the pre-collegiate program, the difference being the curriculum is adapted/abridged to align with the students' academic abilities.  This diploma is accepted at most technical or vocational post-secondary schools. 


 At HCA there is no formal cut off age as to when a student’s program must be completed.  If a student is able to meet the stated requirements by taking additional time to do so, then additional time will be granted.  Students may remain enrolled in HCA up to the age of 21 depending on the wishes of the parents, the progress of the student, and the recommendations of the school administration


Please note:  If testing and past progress indicate that the mastery of certain high school skills and concepts will not be achieved, then a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to students 18 years old and older.  The certificate of completion will be awarded based on the successful completion of the goals and objectives outlined in the student’s individual education program (IEP).



Pre Collegiate


4 English                                            4 Math                                                3 Science

       *Grammar & Composition              Algebra 1/2                                     *Physical Science

       *Grammar & Composition            *Algebra 1                                        *Biology

       *American Literature                     *Algebra 2                                          General Science

       *British Literature                           *Geometry                                      *Chemistry

         World Literature                              Consumer Math



3 History                                            8 Electives

       *US History                                         (4) Reading                     (½) Speech    

       *World History                                   (1) History                       (½) Music

       *Government/Economics                 (1) Science                      (½) Essential/Life Skills

          World Geography                            (1) Computer                  (1) Home Economics


1  Physical Education

1 Computer




4 English                                            4 Math                                               

       *Grammar & Composition           *General Math                         Algebra I

       *Grammar & Composition           *Consumer Math I                  Algebra II

       *American Literature                    *Consumer Math II                 Geometry

       *British Literature                          *Algebra 1/2                            Accounting

         World Literature                                      


3 History                                            8 Electives

       *US History                                          (4) Reading                         (½) Speech     

       *World History                                    (1) History                           (½) Music

       *Government/Economics                  (1) Science                          (1) Essential/Life Skills

          History of Eastern Civilization        (1) Computer          

          History of Western Civilization       (1) Home Economics

          World Geography




*Successful completion of these courses are required in order to receive corresponding high school diplomas. 


Incorporated within the English requirements is the successful completion of a formal term paper.  Required number of pages, references, and footnotes depend upon the diploma being pursued.

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