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The South Carolina Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children is a tax-credit scholarship program that was enacted in 2013 and launched in 2014.  The program provides scholarships to students with special needs enrolled in private schools that have been approved to participate.  The maximum scholarship amount awarded for the 2016-2017 school year is $11,000.00.  Another option for families is to apply for tuition reimbursement.  With this option you may receive up to $11,000.00 of tuition back as reimbursement from the DOR.  This program has proved to be one more avenue of providing help to families who are seeking the specialized education that is provided at Hope.


All of the families enrolled at Hope either receive scholarship money or apply for tuition reimbursement.  Not only do these families benefit, the donors to the South Carolina Education Credit for Exceptional Needs program can continue to help a cause they believe in while receiving credit towards their SC tax liability. 

Greg Harris, partner in Harris and Gasser LLC, had this to say about participating in the tax credit program: “I have been a long time supporter of Hope Christian Academy.  When I was approached about participating in this tax credit program my first thought was, ‘What’s the Catch?’  My Accountant researched the information I was given, and found this to be a viable option for my business.  I gave a portion of my SC tax liability  (you are allowed up to 60%) and in return I received a letter from the IRS confirming my donation.  This will be submitted with my income tax return.  It was as simple as that.  This allows me to help an organization I believe in and receive some tax benefit as well.  I look forward to participating in this tax credit program again.”


We encourage any supporter who would like to learn more about this tax credit opportunity to contact us at Hope with any questions you may have.  And if you are looking for a school for your student with special needs call to find out how this program can impact your tuition expenses.

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