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Transitions:  Preparing For The Next Step

The next step in transitions class is preparing for independent living and career interests.  The students experience things like planning a budget for an event, then going to the store to purchase the items needed.  They also visit businesses to grasp the types of jobs that make them run.  They work on compiling a resume', and have mock job interviews.  This leads to job site visits and short-term internships where they are immersed in a work environment for which they have expressed an interest.  All of this helps Hope students prepare for life after they graduate.  

Thank you to these local businesses for providing job site visits to Hope during the 2014-2015 academic year:


Boeing Aeronautics

Columbia Metropolitan Airport

Publix Supermarket

Columbia Police Department

Love Chevrolet

Pecknel Music Store

Thank you to these area businesses for providing internships to HCA students during the 2014-2015 academic year:

Agape Retirement Center

Goodbodies at USC

Deparment of Natural Resources

Wildwood Golf Course

Landwright Farms

A job site visit with Carolina

Broadcast Media

Internship with Agape

Retirement Home

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