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Transitions:  Preparing For
The Next Step


An important academic area at HCA is the Transitions class.  In elementary and middle school, this class covers important aspects of daily living skills, social skills and basic survival skills.  For instance, the students learn about conversations with peers and adults.  They also practice safely crossing a street and learning to read labels and symbols on common household products.

South Carolina Educational Credit For Exceptional Needs 

The South Carolina Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children is a tax-credit scholarship program that was enacted in 2013 and launched in 2014.  The program provides scholarships to students with special needs enrolled in private schools that have been approved to participate. 

A Mom's Dream Come True



“He’s a freshman at Carolina!” Words countless parents say, but words that are precious to me. My son, Hughes, is currently a freshman at USC. It’s been a long and wonderful journey, made possible through the outstanding teaching and leadership at HCA, along with much prayer and God’s blessing...


HOPE Receives Grant


You might have noticed Hope Christian Academy in a big way this past year. 

The Edward B. Timmons Jr. Charitable Trust approved a grant request from HCA.  This trust supports organizations in the care of youth.  The....

Article From 2014-2015
Year In Review


The 2014-2015 school year at Hope Christian Academy was a momentous one. There were a record number of new students enrolled throughout the year, with a new elementary class, Rebecca lost her notoriety as the only female student at Hope, and she was thrilled with that change!   



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